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Tekna – vacuum steam cleaner

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The brand new vacuum steam cleaner for domestic and professional cleaning – la nuova macchina lavasciuga a vapore per pulizia domestica e professionale

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  1. newsmaxima says:

    @mactoja many thanks! we are proud and happy that you enjoy “cleaning with tekna”

  2. mactoja says:

    I have got one! The possibilities are enormous! I believe it’s just only device that does all these things and does them right! It really works. Congratulations!

  3. mactoja says:

    I have been selling Rainbow and Roboclean for years… Undoubtely till this time two best (and only working) vacuum cleaners ever! Personally I have got a Raintbow for 18 yrs. And have never witnessed any trouble with it! But this device is simply OUTSTANDING! Better than thw two former! Congratullations for design! And efficiency!

  4. newsmaxima says:

    @TuckLikesFire Unfortunately this machine is not available in America, the problem is the 110V. electricity… in Europe we have 220V and the steam effect is better. Really sorry.

  5. TuckLikesFire says:

    Are these available to America? We don’t have many water filtration vacuums available, and I have never seen a real steam vacuum cleaner here. Many of the “steam” vacuum cleaners aren’t steam, just warm water.

  6. newsmaxima says:

    @probily please send us an email and indicate your own Country, we will send you indications about further distributors. Thanks a lot

  7. probily says:

    Could you please tell me how can I buy one of these?

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